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Formicidae is the official Ant Wars simulator, compiler, and assembler. The formicidae bundles below include everything needed to play the game: ready-to-run executables, source code, build scripts, worlds, sample ants, manuals, and so forth. [Note: Java 1.4.2 or Java 5.0 (aka 1.5) is also needed to run the game.]

Sourceforge hosting of the latest release. These links allow you to select from a variety of worldwide mirrors. (i.e. Follow these links, do not right-click to save them directly.)

Alternately, you may always feel free to download directly from the ant-wars.net site:
(Right-click -> 'Save Link As')

Instructions (for anyone unfamilar with archives: .zip's, tar.gz's, or .jar's):

The majority of formicidae is implemented in Java and should run anywhere. Selection of the appropriate operating system bundle is nevertheless recommended on general principals as we leverage an SISC Scheme parser and manipulate low-level bytes.

Older releases

Assorted historical releases are available, archived on sourceforge.net, including betas and release candidates all the way back to the 0.1.1-beta that began it all.

Bleeding edge releases

The very latest bleeding edge release can be obtained by pulling the source files from CVS and compiling them oneself, via the project's build file and so forth. Stability and feature set depend entirely on the current state of the CVS tree at the moment in time you pull. No guarentees are made that the build will be stable, bug-free, or even safe for compiling your ant files. Exotic features may be undergoing exploratory testing, the compiler or parser may be modified, etc. Hence the phrase 'bleeding edge'. The sourceforge faq or the antwars forums have docs/posts on how to pull from cvs, presuming you are not already familiar as an experienced programmer with such things. Normal users generally want the stable releases linked above, not the bleeding edge.

CVS is also read-only browseable via the web browser, if you simply wish to glance at a file, hunt for a bug, grok an implementation detail, etcetera: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/formicidae/formicidae/

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